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Welcome to the German War Memorial Website

The purpose of this website is to memorialize the names of the dead and to collect, archive and make publicly available, particularly for use by genealogists, inscriptions from war memorials of the German and Austrian armies. The term “war memorial” should be read broadly, as it is meant to include memorial books (such as the RJF Memorial Book, which memorializes Jewish World War 1 casualties of the German armed forces), lists of casualties kept by municipalities and grave inscriptions from war cemeteries, particularly where they are located far from home.

The inscriptions collected here commemorate German and Austrian soldiers killed in various wars throughout history. They were gathered and contributed by volunteers. The collection will be expanded constantly, but it is dependent on contributions. English language instructions for contributing, as well as a form for submitting contributions, can be found here.

The collection is limited to monuments to fallen soldiers of the German and Austrian armed forces of all wars. The website is arranged by country and region and covers the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and the former German eastern territories. There is also a category of monuments located in other countries. In order to be taken into the collection, a monument must commemorate fallen soldiers of Germany or Austria. The location of the monument is not important.
We hope that the names of the dead will remind us of the insanity of war.

Thilo C. Agthe

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